Affordable Same-Day Dentistry

The IOS FastDesign System is fast, accurate and affordable. Scan your patient in just minutes, design and mill a restoration right in your own office, and deliver the final restoration the Same-Day. Not having to schedule multiple appointments for one restoration makes your patients happy, while saving you time and money!

Digital Dentistry Utilizing the IOS FastDesign System and TS150 Chairside Mill


"Dentists are always asking me how they can cut their lab bill while retaining quality. I used to tell them it was impossible, unless they owned a magic wand. With the ability to save using IOS FastScan®, I think they finally have their magic wand!"

Dr. Michael C. DiTolla - Newport Beach, California

"Never, in all my 22 years of practice, have I had a set of lower anterior crowns that fit this great like I have using IOS FastScan®."

Dr. Dean Saiki - Oceanside, California

"Being in practice for 25 years, I have found that using the IOS FastScan® results in excellent fitting restorations and reduced chairtime for my patients."

Dr. Nelly Fowler - Santa Ana, California