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The TS150 from IOS Technologies enables clinicians to mill in-office, same-day crowns that seat with precision from a wide variety of leading milling materials. Pairing seamlessly with the Align Technology Itero® and the 3M True Definition Scanner, the TS150 facilitates an end-to-end digital workflow. Currently, the TS150 can mill restorations from Obsidian® lithium silicate ceramic, Lava Ultimate Restorative, and VITA ENAMIC® milling blocks.

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Obsidian Milling Dental block


  • A beautifully esthetic, high-strength glass ceramic material indicated for the fabrication of full-contour crowns, veneers, inlays and onlays
  • Exceeds the strength requirements for cemented all ceramic restorations and can also be bonded when desired
  • Resists chipping compared to a layered ceramic or PFM restoration
  • Available in 14 VITA® Classical shades
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Additional Milling Blocks

Lava Ultimate

  • Fast, no firing and easy to mill. Perfect for high quality, esthetic inlays and onlays
  • Nanotechnology provides an enamel-like and long-lasting polish
  • Advances productivity and creates a better experience for your patients
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  • Fast and efficient CAM fabrication
  • Enormous load capacity since masticatory forces are absorbed
  • Highly precise and particularly accurate results
  • Tooth-like material properties
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