CAD Software

Simplified Scanning Protocol

IOS FastDesign requires only the minimum of scanned images from your open scanner to capture the patient’s details. Scan and capture the preparation's marginal details with neighboring tooth contact areas, including the occlusal and buccolingual surfaces. Finally, a buccal bite registration is achieved by directly scanning the patient’s buccal arch in a closed occlusion to assure correct bite relations.

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In-Office Convenience

The FastDesign software guides the user through the scanning process.
  • Easy-to-follow interface enables crown design in just six steps.
  • The crown proposal is automatically pulled from a proprietary library of morphology.
  • Intuitive controls are easy to learn yet precise enough to create restorations with excellent aesthetics.
FastDesign Cad Software
IOS FastDesign Tutorial: Milling the Restoration with the TS-150 Chairside Mill
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Your Best First Step Into Digital Dentistry

3M Scanner
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True Definition Scanner

Designed with proprietary 3D in-motion video data capture, the 3M True Definition Scanner delivers superior precision over systems using point-and-stitch reconstruction.

itero Scanner
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Intraoral Scanner

When it comes to scan resolution and restoration accuracy, nothing impresses like the iTero® Intraoral Scanner. From the simplicity of our click-to-capture software or continuous scan options, the comfort of our digital impression procedure to the clinical efficiencies of our expansive selection of digitized restorative workflows, iTero elevates your practice.